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Beta-Lactam Antibiotic Resistance Genes in the Microbiome of the Public Transport System of Quito, Ecuador

Título: Beta-Lactam Antibiotic Resistance Genes in the Microbiome of the Public Transport System of Quito, Ecuador.
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Fecha: 2023-20-01
Autor: Hernández-Alomía, Ferndanda; Bastidas-Caldes, Carlos; Bellesteros, Isabel; Tenea, Gabriela N.; Jarrín-V, Pablo; Molina, Alfonso C.; Castillejo, Pablo.
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Editorial: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
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Descripción Multidrug-resistant bacteria present resistance mechanisms against β-lactam antibiotics, such as Extended-Spectrum Beta-lactamases (ESBL) and Metallo-β-lactamases enzymes (MBLs) which are operon encoded in Gram-negative species. Likewise, Gram-positive bacteria have evolved other mechanisms through mec genes, which encode modified penicillin-binding proteins (PBP2). This study aimed to determine the presence and spread of β-lactam antibiotic resistance genes and the microbiome circulating in Quito’s Public Transport (QTP). A total of 29 station turnstiles were swabbed to extract the surface environmental DNA. PCRs were performed to detect the presence
of 13 antibiotic resistance genes and to identify and to amplify 16S rDNA for barcoding, followed by clone analysis, Sanger sequencing, and BLAST search. ESBL genes blaTEM-1 and blaCTX-M-1 and MBL genes blaOXA-181 and mecA were detected along QPT stations, blaTEM being the most widely spread. Two subvariants were found for blaTEM-1, blaCTX-M-1, and blaOXA-181. Almost half of the circulating bacteria found at QPT stations were common human microbiota species, including those classified by the WHO as pathogens of critical and high-priority surveillance. β-lactam antibiotic resistance genes are prevalent throughout QPT. This is the first report of blaOXA-181 in environmental samples in Ecuador. Moreover, we detected a new putative variant of this gene. Some commensal coagulase-negative bacteria may have a role as mecA resistance reservoirs

Claves mecA; blaTEM-1; blaOXA-181; blaCTX-M-1; environmental-DNA; antibiotic-resistance.
Relación ISSN: 1660-4601
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