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Systematics of Ecnomiohyla tuberculosa …

Systematics of Ecnomiohyla tuberculosa with the description of a new species and comments on the taxonomy of Thachycephalus typhonius (Anura, Hylidae)

Título: Systematics of Ecnomiohyla tuberculosa with the description of a new species and comments on the taxonomy of Trachycephalus typhonius (Anura, Hylidae)
Identificador de recurso: ISSN L: 1313-2970

ISSN I: 1313-2989

Fecha: 2015-10-04
Autor: Ron, Santiago R.
Otros colaboradores: Venegas, Pablo J.; Ortega-Andrade, H. Mauricio; Gagliardi-Urrutia, Giussepe; Salerno, Patricia E.
Editorial: ZooKeys
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Descripción Ecnomiohyla tuberculosa is an Amazonian hylid of uncertain phylogenetic position. Herein DNA sequences of mitochondrial and nuclear genes are used to determine its phylogenetic relationships. New sequences and external morphology of Trachycephalus typhonius are also analyzed to assess the status of Ecuadorian and Peruvian populations. The phylogeny shows unequivocally that Ecnomiohyla tuberculosa is nested within the genus Tepuihyla, tribe Lophiohylini. This position was unexpected because the remaining species of Ecnomiohyla belong to the tribe Hylini. To solve the paraphyly of the genus Ecnomiohyla, E. tuberculosa is transferred to the genus Tepuihyla. Comparisons of DNA sequences, external morphology, and advertisement calls between populations of Ecnomiohyla tuberculosa from Ecuador and Peru indicate that the Peruvian population represents an undescribed species. The new species is described and a species account is provided for Ecnomiohyla tuberculosa. Trachycephalus typhonius is paraphyletic relative to T. cunauaru, T. hadroceps, and T. resinifictrix. The phylogenetic position of populations from western Ecuador indicates that they represent a species separate from T. typhonius sensu stricto. We resurrect the name Hyla quadrangulum (Trachycephalus quadrangulum comb. n.) for those populations. Amazonian populations of “T. typhonius” from Ecuador and Peru are genetically and morphologically distinct from T. typhonius sensustricto and are conspecific with the holotype of Hyla macrotis. Therefore, we also resurrect Hyla macrotis, a
decision that results in Trachycephalus macrotis comb. n.
Claves Advertisement call; Amazon basin; biodiversity; Ecuador; Lophiohylini; Peru; phylogeny; Tepuihyla.
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Volumen 630
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Fuente doi: 10.3897/zookeys.630.9298
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